Through Our Eyes: Life at THS

Templeton High School is a very special place that I am happy that I get the privilege to go to school at. There are so many special things about it, starting with my absolute favorite thing, the environment. I have moved schools three times, and although I have never been to another high school, I feel confident in saying Templeton is an overall happy, positive, and spirited environment. The joy that I feel when coming to school, I would not be able to get anywhere else.


IMG_7109 Templeton High School is such a great learning environment given that we have some of the most outstanding teachers you will ever meet. All of the teachers that work at Templeton High School are there for the kids, and only the kids, which makes us feel so special and loved. They are all around almost at any time, and will offer help any hour we ask. They are willing to put in time before or after school hours to help us achieve more in that class and that makes such a huge difference in the life of a student.


Another huge thing about the Templeton High School environment is how small and family-like it is. There is a very small amount of students at Templeton High School and I feel that, that is one of the main reasons Templeton High School is so special. If we were to have a significant amount of more students, we would lose that family-like atmosphere where everyone knows each other and loves everyone. Being able to walk around the halls and by the different buildings and to be able to say hi to people and know a majority of people’s names, is super amazing.

We have so many positive role models all around our campus at Templeton High School and it makes such a difference in the student’s lives. So many teachers are positive towards the students as well as the other teachers and that makes students want to treat each other better. Another thing is how encouraging teachers are. The teachers at Templeton High School are truly there for you and actually want you to succeed and when they get happy for you, it makes such a difference and makes the kids want to keep working hard.

Overall, Templeton is such a good community as well as a school. I have been so blessed to be able to spend all four years of high school here. Templeton High School has such a positive, encouraging, and happy environment, which makes a lot of other students and me feel so very blessed.

Abbey is a junior at THS and impacts so many areas of campus life.  She is a Link Crew leader, class president, an FFA officer, a singer/songwriter, and owner/operator of Central Coast Coffee Beans.

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