In October, We Wear Pink

Many THS students have been impacted in one way or another by cancer.  Whether it is a friend or a family member nearly everyone knows someone who has had to deal directly or indirectly with this deadly disease and its effects.  Because of this a number of year’s ago we started several traditions related to this.

IMG_9488Before – A look at our girls before they donated at least 8 inches of hair

One of the most meaningful traditions is what we call “Ponying Up” for Cancer patients. Students with longer hair donate at least 8 inches to be sent to “Children with Hair Loss” to be used to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to the effects of cancer.  At THS on Friday during lunch Friday at Templeton High School local stylists from Great Clips and the 9s were on hand to help students who wanted to donate 8 or more inches of their hair.

“When I can do something so simple and make such a difference it brings me a lot of joy”. — THS Senior Grace Ralston

IMG_9520After their hair donation

Grace Ralston, a senior at THS who donated her hair today said she did it “When I can do something so simple and make such a difference it brings me a lot of joy”. Payton Hunt also a senior said, “this is my second time donating my hair. For me it was an easy decision.  I’ve always believed that if there is a need and I can meet, I should. So I did….”

IMG_9397We also encourage our students to wear pink on Wednesdays in October. In addition our fall athletes wear pink shirts to warm up at their sporting events, during workouts or wear them on campus..


IMG_9446Mazie Jo Wilson, a junior at THS and theTHS Spirit Commissioner said, “We do these things like the hair cutting and wearing pink to show our support for those facing cancer and its effects and we do it as a reminder to ourselves.  Everytime we see someone on campus wearing a pink shirt it reminds us to love others, that life is precious and to be there for others regardless of the challenges they are facing.”

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