Girls Soccer Preview

We recently connected with varsity girls soccer coach Mario Perez and asked him to give us a preview of this year’s soccer team.  Here is what he shared with us.
“With the support of our local Templeton Youth Soccer League, the Templeton Eagles Girls Soccer Program has steadily improved. Last year, the THS Girls Varsity team was the inaugural champions of the newly formed Ocean League. This year we have fifteen (15) returning players, a strong addition from last year’s JV team, a talented transfer student this year’s team and three (3) gifted freshmen. I believe this team will be just as competitive as last year… or even more!
Most of the other teams in our league also have experienced returning players. Although we are a young team, we are thriving with experience and talent. I think the strength of our team is their belief in one another and their willingness to support each other. Soccer is just something they do for fun and they are extremely good at it! This new league will continue to be very competitive, especially with the addition of Pioneer Valley who competed in the Mountain League last year. I think league play will be real nail-biter, but I believe the girls are ready for the challenge!
As I mentioned earlier, we are thriving with experience and talent. So, it would be very difficult to name only a couple of players who I think will make the biggest difference this year. How much time do you have? How much space can I write? Honestly, it could be anyone of them. I truly believe that every player on the Girls Varsity team will play a vital role in our success. This is and amazing group of student-athletes. I am extremely impressed with how quickly they jelled and supported one another. I believe in and have faith in their technical skills and their commitment to the EAGLE Way.”
Thank you Coach Mario for sharing your thoughts with us.  We are so excited to see the girls take the field this year.  Go Eagles!

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