Kind Words Send a Mighty Message

The ASB delivered over 500 “Mighty Messages” last Friday and brought smiles and warm thoughts to students and faculty throughout the THS campus.

Two weeks ago junior Mazie Jo Wilson, the THS Spirit Commissioner, and others from the THS ASB class handed out blank mighty message forms to Language Arts teachers and encouraged the teachers to take a few minutes out of class to give students the opportunity to share an encouraging thought or letter with a person of their choosing around campus.  And then the forms started coming back in large stacks.

“Kindness makes a person feel good whether it’s being done to him or by him.”

         – Frank Clark, American Politician

Mazie and several others began sorting the letters one by one working hard to get them stacked and delivered before the Thanksgiving break.  Because of the large number of letters turned in there was a lot of overtime put in as ASB leaders had to look up student schedules to make sure each note would get to its proper destination.

On Friday, the day before Thanksgiving break began, over 500 messages were delivered. A big thank you to our teachers and our students who put time into sharing kindness with others.


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