Templeton Alum Opens New Business in Atascadero

Appeared in Telegram Tribune – Written by Cassandra Garibay and Paso Robles Press

A renowned southern California brewer is bringing his beer to Atascadero .

Ryan Fields, master brewer at Beachwood Blendery in Long Beach, and his wife Jacque, former assistant manager at the Blendery, are excited about the grand opening of  Wild Fields Brewhouse at 6907 El Camino Road in downtown Atascadero this Friday.

Wild Fields Brewhouse will occupy a 6,000-square-foot building, with roughly half of that space dedicated to brew production and a kitchen, the Fields said.

Jacque Fields, a mother of two, said the brewery will be “extremely family centric,” with picnic-style tables, an arcade and miniature bowling lanes. It will also feature a bar and booth tables for a variety of dining options.

“We understand how hard it is to have kids and try to socialize,” she said.

Ryan Fields said he intends on primarily serving traditional beers, such as lagers and ale.

He and his wife have been in the beer industry for more than 10 years. Both credited coincidence for their introduction to brewing.

Fields grew up in San Luis Obispo County, attended Cayucos Elementary School and graduated from Templeton High School.

He began home brewing in college, when he found himself torn between a career in music or science, he said. He soon that realized brewing offered the mix of creativity and chemistry he wanted in life.

“(Brewing is) a really cool balance between art and science,” Fields said. “I feel like that’s what I bring to the table and Jacque is really passionate about engaging the community…It’s why we make a really great team.”

Fields said he began brewing at Lost Abbey in San Diego and worked his way up from there, becoming well known in the beer community. He joined Beachwood Blendery in 2014 as head brewer and blender.

His wife said her interest in craft beer took off after accepting a part-time job that later turned into an assistant manager position at Beachwood Blendery.

“You’re constantly learning in the beer industry,” she said. “ You get to be a part of this creative environment.”

Jacque Fields met her future husband seven years ago. The couple has wanted to branch out on their own ever since, Ryan Fields said.

They felt now was the right time to open their own brewery because they see Atascadero’s potential for growth, he said.

Moving closer to family members who live in San Luis Obispo and Atascadero also played a factor in the decision.

“We are just super excited to bring our creativity and share that” with the community,” Jacque Fields said.

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