Learning Locally, Impacting Globally

The “Society of Women Engineering” (SWE) club at THS built a solar powered suitcase that will be shipped to East Africa to help provide power for a school or library.  The suitcase is a project sponsored by PG & E and “We Care Solar” and blends engineering skills with sustainable energy lessons and local and international philanthropy.  The program places special emphasis on leveraging a hands-on and humanitarian approach to engage youth traditionally under-represented in STEM fields.

“Building the solar suitcase was super fun.   I loved learning about solar electrics!” – Diya Shinglot, THS Senior

By combining hands-on engineering education with real-world applicability, teachers cultivate students’ interests in clean energy. Students are also inspired to meet an immediate societal need by delivering solar energy to local communities and areas of need in the developing world.


We Share Solar® Suitcases are small, portable photovoltaic lighting systems, powerful enough to illuminate a classroom. Through this program, participating educators are trained to teach youth how to build Solar Suitcases that are delivered to energy-scarce regions of the world.

I was so excited to have been apart of this project.  It’s amazing how we have been able to help others across the globe.” — Ashley Rosilez, THS Senior

The girls in SWE did all the wiring and assembly of the suitcase.  It was boxed and shipped this week.  The work they did will impact the lives of many whom they will never meet.  Great job SWE club.



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