Putting Classroom Lessons to a Real World Test

During the month of November the Templeton High School CTE pathway Energy and Power Technology worked with Grid Alternatives to provide the students with a hands-on learning opportunity that included certification in solar installation.


Grid Alternatives is a solar company that provides free solar installation for low income houses throughout the nation and the world.  For our class project, Grid Alternatives provided hands on lessons for the students to learn about solar installation, social justice and equity and then ultimately receive industry recognized certification in level 1 solar installation.

“I loved the opportunity to not only test what I have learned in the solar unit but also to make a difference in the community and in the lives of a local family.” — Gavin Barnes, THS Senior

The project lasted three weeks and included lessons on social equity, solar arrays and electricity, solar design and planning, a complete solar array installation on a mock roof in the student parking lot, and then an actual installation on a house in San Miguel.


Students that participated in the San Miguel installation learned many real world skills including conduit bending, main panel wiring, solar roof installation and job site safety protocols.

IMG_1557 (1)

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