Showing What They Know

Wednesday, Mr. Diodati’s AP Physics 2 students were challenged to demonstrate their mastery of the skills and equipment necessary to measure electric potential, sound waves, and other electronic devices.  The large machines they were using are called Oscilloscopes, and takes an electric signals and and then turn them into visual waves that can be measured.  The labs are meant to not only expose the students to this equipment, but to also demonstrate the physical aspect of the theoretical information they learn in lecture.

IMG_2275 (1)

“Through the labs we work through we are challenged and forced to put into practice what we are learning.  The labs are more engaging and help bring the lectures to life.” — Zach Headington, THS senior

Students working in pairs adjusted amplitude and frequency to change the waves on their screens and tested battery voltage.

Templeton High School AP Physics 2 is a dual enrolled course with Cuesta College Physics 205B.  The AP Physics 2 course emphasizes the development of problem-solving abilities. This course includes topics in both classical and modern physics: electrostatics, electric circuits, magnetism, thermodynamics, fluids, optics, quantum physics/nuclear physics. Students will receive college credit for successful completion of the course.


As part of the class students work along side Cuesta College lab technicians and Mr. Diodati performing the same labs and activities that students are completing at Cuesta.

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