Centerpiece Projects to Beautify Community Tables

Students in Floral Design are busy putting the final touches on holiday centerpieces that will be delivered to community members who are supporters of the Floral Design Subscription program. 

“Being part of Floral and part of this subscription program has taught me not only how to design a product but also how with others and how to create something I’m proud of.” — Lindsay English

As part of this service each supporter receives four creations throughout the semester. This is the final project for this round of subscriptions which included c pumpkin centerpieces, cornucopias, a candy cane wreaths and now a a holiday centerpiece. 

“The subscriptions allow the students to be creative and to learn to work with a variety of materials.  The skills and design they learn really prepare them for projects that they will be working on later in the year.” — Brandi Bodnuda, THS Ag Teacher


The Floral Design Subscription program is in it’s fifth year and costs $85 which includes four different floral presentations.  During the fall the class sold 38 subscription. The money raised goes for class supplies and tools that the students use throughout the day.

“I love all the hands-on activities that part of Floral Design” – Ryan Domingos

To subscribe to the program for the second semester or for more information contact Mrs. Bognuda or a THS Ag student to get signed up.


Floral Design is a fine art at THS, is part of our Agriculture Department and is taught by Brandi Bognuda who also teachers Intro to Animal Science, Small Animal Care, Vet Science and Ag Biology.


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