Link Crew Honors Hagan and Rossel as Their Freshmen of the Month

The THS Link Crew program loves its freshmen and loves each month when they get to walk into an unsuspecting class and surprise two freshmen with a Joe’s Place cinnamon role, orange juice and some encouraging words.  Here are this month’s recipients.



Link Crew chose Jacob because his teachers say he is “hard working”, and “extremely involved in multiple activities” including THS Mock Trial and a Robotics Team in Atascadero.  But he hasn’t lost focus on his grade.  He currently carrying a 4.14 GPA.  Jos teachers and peers say “He is a pleasure to have around, and lifts the spirits of all in the room!”  Thanks Jacob for being such a blessing to so many.  We appreciate you and the example you set for others.



Link Crew chose Ashley because she is a “driven” young lady who has high standards for herself.   But despite how hard she works she is extremely kind to others.  She has a 4.14 GPA while participating in multiple 4H and AG activities.  She has involved herself in the life of the campus including THS Soccer and the Wingmen.  One of her teachers shared that “she has a sparkling personality and always has a smile on her face. She holds her group to a higher standard and is extremely respectful and humble. She is a pleasure to have in class, because she brings so much joy to the room.”  Ashley thank you for being such a positive example on our campus, for getting involved, and for leading in word and in deed.  We appreciate you.

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