Virtual Learning Connects THS with Grand Canyon University

Templeton High prides itself on its use of technology to strengthen the education and opportunities that our students receive.  Tuesday, Grand Canyon University (GCU) came to THS by way of a live cast with our CTE related Health Profession Students in Anatomy, Intro to Health Careers and EMR.
Students watching as they are given a live training from Grand Canyon University and then put what they learned into practice.

“My classes engagement, various students dedication and pride taken with each suture (stitch) made me feel intrinsically glad we had taken the opportunity for GCU to come to THS.” – Ben Weinberger, Anatomy/Physiology Instructor

GCU Live is a virtual tour experience that lasts 40 minutes. It is put on by the GCU Program Development Specialists, in this case the Pre-Health specialist  Emily Ghena. Shay Feith, the University Admissions Counselor of GCU for our region came in person to aid in proctoring the live cast as well as provide supplies.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to do the suture lab.  It opened my eyes to my love of medicine.” Alex Dahlen, student in Introduction to Health Careers

With Ghena live casting from Phoenix students were instructed  step by step as to how to perform a simple interrupted suture better known as a stitch.  Students learned about proper wound mending and focused on how to tend to wounds in which bleeding has not stopped after 15 minutes with applied direct pressure.  This rule is a “soft rule” but gives the students better understanding as to the situation they would need to perform sutures.  After being instructed the instructor would pause and wait as students, working in pairs, practiced what they had learned.

“It was really amazing to see my students doing such a great job with their sutures!  I was thoroughly impressed with how hard they worked and their attention to detail.  Thank you Grand Canyon University for making this happen!” — Lara Miranda, Intro to Health Careers instructor

GCU Live offered the experience for our students to bolster their interest and understanding in career paths directed towards health sciences.


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