Bringing Joy to Our Hallways and Classes

During the weeks leading up to finals, THS Spanish classes have been putting some of their new found linguistic abilities to the test and spreading the joy of the holiday season by in our classrooms and hallways. Spanish teacher Doña Rocio helps organize this annual singing of Christmas carols every year. It is something the students and faculty look forward to and gives our students the opportunity to perform for their peers.  This year, Spanish IV students traveled to TES to sing as well.

IMG_2297We love when teachers join in — Way to go Mr. Weinberger

¨Caroling in Spanish is a big tradition in Spain and Latin America. In Mexico they have “Las Posadas” and Colombia   have “La Novena” both include going to homes and singing carols. We sing in our Spanish classes because is a great way to learn Spanish, and the students have a great time. Caroling in TES, TMS and THS is something that all students LOVE to do, they get super excited to do it and is a great way to share the Spanish culture and language¨ -Doña Rocio.


A big thank you to our students and our World Languages teachers for continuing this tradition and encouraging our students to step outside their comfort zones.  Oh and there is no truth to the rumor that a record deal is in the making.


“It is always nice to have a break from final review and hear my fellow classmates sing! This is one of my favorite THS traditions.”- Ashley Rosilez


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