Cocoa and Cram One Way Students Preparing for Last Minute Studying

Over 50 students joined Peer Tutors and several THS faculty and staff in a last minute study time that we affectionately call “Cocoa and Cram”.  Students enter the THS MPR to music playing, free hot chocolate and tables labeled for English, Spanish, Math, History, and Science.  Study guides were provided for those who needed them.

IMG_2456Senora Hays took caring care of those needing a little refresher on Spanish

“I love that  several of our faculty members gave up time to come by and spend an hour with us making sure we are ready for our finals.  Just reminds me how much they care about us academically but also personally.”  


Students remarked how confident they were in this semester’s final exams.  When asked why they felt this way they shared several answer.  Some said that in their WISE Tutorial program Mrs. Deaser and Mr. Farley are constantly encouraging them to keep up with their work and to start studying early.  Others mentioned how they had private tutors or had made use of the free tutoring available on our campus from Peer Tutors or through Cal Poly Math and Engineering majors who tutor daily in the WISE Tutorial classes.


Cocoa and Cram was sponsored by the THS Link Crew program, Peer Tutors and the WISE Tutorial program as an attempt to give students one more opportunity to get any help they might need on this semesters final exams which start next week.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 9.28.24 AM (1)

Note that Monday is a full day of classes on a regular schedule but Tuesday through Friday there is a 12:45 release time.

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