Coming Soon: Weight Room & Student Union

Coming soon, Templeton High School will have a new and improved weight room and student union. Many factors went into the decision, but it was decided that the outdoor lockers would be taken out and the space would be repurposed. Construction is still in the design phase but the plan is to start the new build during the summer of 2020 and be completed by the beginning of school, October at the latest. The plan for a new weight room and student union has been part of a master plan made seven years ago by the district in order to upgrade and modernize the THS campus.

We are extremely excited about getting a new weight room. It has been a long time coming and is greatly needed. Adding space and new equipment will be an excellent addition for our athletic teams and PE classes. — Don Crow, THS Football Coach

The new weight room, which will take the place of the freshman/sophomore locker pod,  will give students, and sports teams more opportunities to train and improve their physical capabilities. With the plan to make it double the size of our current room, there will be added space for equipment and people. A poured concrete floor with rubberized pads will be built at the south end of the room. This will protect both the equipment and the floor from damage. The availability of the weight room will stay the same; it will be open for weight training classes, and coaches may contact Coach Franklin whenever they would like to schedule a time for their team to use it. Most of the equipment from the current room will be moved into the new one, with some minor upgrades and additions, depending on the funds available. 

“An upgraded strength and conditioning facility will be a huge win for THS and Athletics. We will now have a facility large enough to accommodate an entire team at once. The weight room is the nucleus on campus where teams put in the hard work to be faster, stronger, and become more resistant to injuries; we are excited to now have that place where our athletes feel pride and ownership. The weight room is also where teams build and strengthen into a cohesive unit and athletes work on their mental toughness, build confidence, and become champions. We are thrilled to see this project come to fruition for the benefit of more than 350 student-athletes and the entire school.” — Lindsay Franklin, THS Athletic Director

The new student union, which will replace the junior/senior locker pod, will once again give all students a place to hang out, study, and relax with friends. There will most likely be soft seating for students to use, as well as tables and chairs. There is no definitive plan for furniture yet because as said above; construction is still in the design phase, and there is only a basic floor plan. The new union will be open to all students during lunch and breaks, however it will be closed during class unless otherwise needed.

The new building will incorporate the existing outer walls and roof of the current locker pod area as well as include minor upgrades to the restrooms. For further information and/or questions about this exciting school improvement, contact Principal Aston or Assistant Principal Nancy Needham.

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