Dual Enrollment – Save Money and Time

At Templeton High School, our students have an opportunity to earn college credits while taking high school classes. Dual Enrollment classes are classes that are dual enrolled with Cuesta to give you college credit, while taking the class at THS and getting high school credit. 

“… It gives me a head start on my college education.”  — Blake Fardanesh

THS currently offers seven dual enrollment classes: AP Physics 1 (34 students), AP Physics 2 (18 students), Engineering 1 (57 students), Spanish 4 Honors (40 students), Criminal Justice (34 students), Graphic Design 2 (23 students), and Intro to Health Careers (64 students).  Alexxa Craton, one of Templeton High’s counselors, highly recommends taking dual enrollment classes! She says “Taking dual enrollment classes gives you college credit in high school so that you can fulfill high school and college credits at the same time (for free), which saves you time and money! It also shows four year college admissions that you have taken an advanced curriculum and are prepared for college level courses.” 


Our ASB president Blake Fardanesh who is currently taking AP Physics 2 loves the class, he said “I like how it’s dual enrolled because it gives me a head start on my college education.” 

To sign up for a dual enrollment class, all you do is select the class at the end of the school in the Spring year when you meet with talk to your counselor about your class decisions for the following year. 


The second way students can earn college credit is by taking online Cuesta College classes during an Enrichment Tutorial. Through Cuesta Community College, students are able to sign up and take almost any online class offered through Cuesta.  Many students have taken advantage of this new opportunity as a way to explore A-G classes THS doesn’t offer. The classes are free and count as one year of high school credit both in the eyes of THS and colleges; even UC and CSU schools will weight the grade earned in their own GPA calculations.  If the student passes the class, they won’t have to take the class in college again. Students are able to take them in either first or second semester, and even over the summer. 

“I’ve really enjoyed dual enrolled classes and I’m excited to get two classes done this year!” — Grant Vande Hoef

Many students are loving the opportunity that taking these classes offers. Grant VandeHoef who is taking History 207B and Music Appreciation: World Music, said “It’s been good. I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m excited to get two classes done this year!” 

Ms. Goetz was asked what she thought were any potential drawbacks, “There really isn’t much debate that an in-person class taken with one of our amazing THS teachers is much more in depth, engaging, and usually higher quality. Also, the registration process can be tedious and it can be difficult for many students to navigate the complexities of taking an online class.”

If you have questions make an appointment with your counselor to discuss your options and how these opportunities can work into your education plan.


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