Someone You Should Meet: Cindy Deaser

“Caring”, “loving”, “a second mom”, these are words that students use to describe Cindy Deaser, one of our WISE (Winning Interventions for Student Excellence) tutorial teachers at THS.  Armed with an AA Degree in Intervention Instructor, a group of Peer Tutors and a positive attitude she helps all of our freshmen students do homework, study or be there to support them through whatever challenges they are facing. 

“Tutorial to me is a comfortable space where I can study and where I know that I have access to help whenever I need it tutorial really helps” -Sadie Bagnell

In the classroom she likes to connect with the students by sitting in their table groups of 4, discussing their homework,  learning something new about them, listening to them when they are talking, and helping them on anything they need help with and like that she goes around all the class until she has talked to everyone. 

Mrs. Deaser has been working in the Templeton Unified School District for 26 years, 11 years in Templeton High School and 15 years at Templeton Middle School and has been in the WISE program for 4 years

“Tutorial is a very helpful class that really does help me get my assignments done in a quiet space and also with the help of my teachers and my peers “- Ximena Rosas

Mrs. Deaser knew about job openings from colleagues who encouraged her to apply.  But it wasn’t until after her children were grown that she felt she had the time to take on such a challenge. 

Using email and phone calls Mrs. Deaser likes to connect not only with students but also parents as she looks for ways to best care for and serve those she works with.

Mrs. Deaser credits the energy she has and her reason for waking up every morning are the students she gets to see everyday.  She says, “Every day is a new day with success and journeys along the way”.

Students love the warmth, the love and the help that Mrs. Deaser provides.  When interviewed several students instantly said that freshman year would have been a lot more difficult without her “constant concern for our success”.  Others shared that that like that she cares about their grades but know that she cares a lot more about each one of them as people.

Thank you Mrs. Deaser, you are a blessing to so many on our campus.


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