Someone You Should Meet: Archie Galinato, THS Athletic Trainer

Archie Galinato is a fantastic athletic trainer as well as a great friend and supporter of the athletes at Templeton High School. Archie’s job at THS is to provide treatment and aid to our student athletes as a healthcare professional. As an athletic trainer, he is usually the first responder when it comes to sports injuries on and off the field. Along with all the preventative measures he also provides first aid and hydration for practices and games.


Archie went to Cuesta College for 2 years after high school and then later transferred to San Diego State University where he spent another 3 years to get his Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training. He had the thought of becoming an Athletic Trainer his sophomore year of high school when his athletic trainer helped him through a difficult knee injury that took him out for a few seasons and a long recovery.

He shadowed his high school athletic trainer and did observation hours with her until his senior year and kept in touch with her while he was at Cuesta. He jumped between going into engineering and athletic training but he finally decided on  athletic training after his first semester at Cuesta.  


Archie was contacted by his high school athletic trainer about the open position at THS and he was familiar with the school as it was one of the schools he had competed against as an athlete in high school.

“Archie is a really nice guy who is always there for us.” — Caleb Richards

Archie said he has always thought about working at the high school level and thought it was a great opportunity. He also really likes the small town feeling and thought it would be great to go back to his roots.

“Archie is a  remarkable guy, I love how he is always there for our athletes at THS and he has helped me with many of my injures and he is always welcoming.  His door is always open.” — Danica Smith

His favorite thing about working at Templeton High School are the people he gets to work with. In Archie’s words he says “We have some of the greatest coaches here at THS and are an amazing group of people to work with. Our Athletics Department are the most helpful people and they make my life and work a whole lot easier. The parents have shown so much support. Lastly the student athletes have been a joy to work with and have all been very nice. Overall the close knit community feel is what makes THS an awesome place to work .” 

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