Through Our Eyes: Students Choose Their 2020 Word

As the new year begins, many are looking at making changes in their lives or setting goals to help them achieve what it is they are looking for this year.  Some have chosen “one word” to focus on instead of a list of resolutions. In fact there are several websites, books and organizations that encourage people to choose “one word”. says “One word you can focus on every day, all year long … one word that sums up who you want to be or how  you want to live. It will take intentionality and commitment, but if you let it, your one word will shape not only your year, but also you.  It will become the compass that directs your decisions and guides your steps.”

So I talked to several Templeton High School students to share their “one word” and why they chose that to focus on.  Here is what they said:

“One word I would hope to describe my 2020 year is SUCCESS. Over the past year I worked hard to keep good grades and create new relationships. I hope that I can continue my sports success over the next. By the end of 2020 I hope to have an outstanding volleyball season and keep up good grades.”  -Mitch, 10th grade. 

“One word I would describe my 2020 year is CHANGE. A fresh new year to make changes in my life that will help me in the future. I hope to make changes in my life style as well as change my style in animation and film editing to help my career and where I want to go with it. I hope at the end of the year I will accomplish these changes so that I will have a brighter future.”  Emeran, 12th grade. 

“One word that would describe my 2020 is HOPE. I hope for love, time with family, good grades and happiness throughout my 2020.” Mackenzie, 11th grade.

“My word for this year is HAPPINESS. I’ve had a lot of trouble managing my time for the past few years. I haven’t been able to spend very much time doing the things I enjoy. I’ve spent all of my time on school and extracurriculars. I hope to find more time to enjoy myself this year. I believe this will improve my physical and mental health. Tess, 9th grade. 

If I could describe what I hope my 2020 year would be like it would be POSITIVITY. I think that this will help me to become a better person. I hope that this act will affect others in a positive way. Riley, 9th grade.

For this year, my hopes are to make CHANGES in my life to be able to have time for myself, and focus on myself achieving many things and enjoying my life to the fullest! I hope this year, 2020 helps me achieve all my goals.  Manuel, 10th grade.

This year I choose to focus on the word “DETERMINED.” As a High School Senior, I will be attending a college in the fall. It is a new and exciting experience, but I want to make sure that I am determined.  I want to finish my last year at THS and start my first semester in college with good a work ethic and perseverance. I know some days when I would not be motivated to finish my work. I want this year to be a fresh start for me.  Ashley, 12th grade.

Here is to hoping everyone is “Positive” and “Determined” to make the necessary “Changes” that will bring about “Happiness”, “Hope” and “Success” in the coming year.

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