Someone You Should Meet: Deputy Paul Munoz

Sheriff Deputy Paul Munoz is the school resource deputy at Templeton High School. Like all staff members he is a valuable piece of making THS what it is and he is a well respected member of our school staff. 

When you see a deputy on campus it is easy to jump to the conclusion that he is here to arrest someone but once you get to know him and his position you learn the truth.  In reality his list of responsibilities is pretty diverse.  He is here to protect lives, mentor and advise students, keep the peace, investigate any crimes that occur on campus, teach Gang Resistance Education And Training, curtail the use of drugs on campus, and be a source of information for anyone who has questions or concerns about law enforcement.


In our conversations with him for this article we discovered that he loves working here because the high school is such a big part of the Templeton community. He lives and works here and has a stake in student’s safety. Aside from the opportunity to see his own kids, he decided to work here because he felt he could make more of an impact on our community working with our young adults. Deputy Munoz said, ”Too often, law enforcement deals with the same adults over and over again.” He feels that if he can educate, or at least inform young people early enough, maybe he can prevent them from having a negative encounter with law enforcement and avoid an arrest in the future.

“Deputy Munoz has such a positive influence on our school.  He always puts himself before others.”  — Maddie Bobbitt, THS Sophomore

Before working at the school, he had to go through a lot of training. This training included having to pass a police academy that is P.O.S.T (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certification which can be 20 weeks, then you have to complete the FTO, or Field Training that lasts 3-6 months, and lastly complete an audit and probationary phase which takes about 2 years from when you start the academy, to when you’re a deputy out on your own handling calls.

“When I was a freshman Deputy Munoz would stop me on campus and we would just have a casual conversation.  Just him doing that made me feel so comfortable at our school and made me feel like I fit it.”  — Courteney Chesson, THS Junior

Officer Munoz decided to do his job because he has never liked people who take advantage of others, he never liked bullies. He  had his share of walking on the wrong side of the tracks when he was younger, and he hopes that his advice can encourage some young adults to make better choices for themselves.

“Everyone on campus knows that Deputy Munoz is there for them.  And that is a great feeling.” — Grant Vande Hoef, THS Junior

One of his biggest mentors throughout the years has been Deputy Mark Fonteccio, who has retired from the Sheriff’s Office, but gave him a lot of good advice and training. Something you may not know about Deputy Munoz is that he likes to sing, and his daughter thinks he has a pretty fair voice, and he used to be a pretty good dancer “when he was a much, much younger man”.


Thank you deputy Munoz for all you do to help our campus be the amazing place it is.  We appreciate you.

Earlier this year Deputy Munoz was selected as Staff Member of the Month — Click Here to watch the video that students made to honor him.

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