Academic Students of the Month

Each month each teacher at THS gets the opportunity to nominate a student who they believe has made a positive impact in their classroom the previous month.  Each of the 35+ students nominated is worthy of an award but this month’s four winners were (L to R) Maddie Bobbitt, Jessica Welcher, Allison Jaeger, and Clayton Wicka.  Our winners enjoyed a lunch out courtesy of McPhee’s Grill in Templeton.

Maddie Bobbitt was nominated by Mrs. Barnes who shared that Maddie “is simply amazing, she is always on the ball and no matter what the situation she always goes above and beyond .”  Others who have Maddie share her commitment to excellence, her desire to help others to be better, her love of learning and her love for others.  Others said she such a positive influence on those around her.

Jessica Welcher was nominated by Mrs. Bognuda who has had her in a number of classes through out Jessica’s years at THS.  She has been “an amazing TA … just fantastic.”  She went on to say that Jessica is always willing to give of herself to help others.  If you know Jessica you know she has such a positive spirit and a fun loving attitude which lightens the mood where ever she is.

Allison Jaeger was nominated by Mrs. Chivens who said Allison has “everything.  She has a volunteer spirit and is amazing at what she does.  But beyond that she is just always so nice and sweet to everyone.”

Clayton Wicka was nominated by Mr. Carter.  He shared that he is a “fantastic student who is always comes to class prepared and is engaged in class discussions or in class activities.  He is a gifted student.” Others shared about what an amazing job Clayton does on stage.  He recently started in the THS drama production of The Crucible.

Congratulations Maddie, Jessica, Allison and Clayton, you are so deserving of this honor.  Thanks for all you do make Templeton High such an amazing place to be.

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