And Now The Waiting Begins

Editor’s Note:  As all college bound seniors (and their friends and family) know this is a very anxious time of the year.  Seniors are checking their email or the mailboxes for notifications of whether or not they were admitted to the college of their dreams.  We talked with senior Ashley Rosilez and asked her to share with us about what it is like to be in this position.  Here is what she shared.


I have applied to about fifteen schools. Since I would like to major in Biology or Biochemistry, I made sure that the schools I applied to had strong science programs. On the locations of the schools I applied to, I did not have a preference. Some are here in California and some as far away as Maine. I know whatever school I end up going to it is going to be a good choice!

So far, I have received admittance letters from Sonoma State, Seattle University, Lewis and Clark University, Saint Mary’s College of California, and Colorado State. I am thankful that I have gotten into all of these schools. It is nice knowing that I will be welcomed by the staff and students alike; educationally challenged; and able to experience new things while enjoying the hobbies I love. It is going to be very hard for me to decide which school will be the one for me. As I finalize the list of schools I have gotten into, it will tell me more of what my choices are.  For the most part I thought about all of the amazing opportunities the schools have to offer. I specifically applied to smaller colleges that had outstanding science programs. As a student at THS, I love how our class sizes are smaller than most high schools and that I know almost everyone. It is nice when having my friends in many of my classes. I applied to schools that reminded me of how connected Templeton High is. 

Another thing I thought about when applying was, “will the colleges think I am good enough? Am I enough? Do I do enough?” I helped myself understand that “yes, I am enough.” One does not need to be in ASB or partake in three sports a year or be the valedictorian to get to college. You must be yourself. No person is the same and that is OK. When applying, do not try to make yourself look different than who you are. Be yourself.

Colleges want to see how hard you work and your determination. It could be from raising your math grade from a B to an A in second semester or taking your love of music and starting a choir club at school. The possibilities for one’s talent are endless! Work hard and be the person you want yourself to be!

I could go on and on about advice, but here are a few tips:

Start applying early, it will help you in the long run. The earlier you start, the less worried you have to be about deadlines catching up to you. I started making a list of colleges I wanted to apply to during summer and started creating my main common app essay. 

Make some time to visit college campuses during a break in the upcoming school year or during summer. It is always a good idea to visit colleges that you would like to apply to, you may find things that appeal to you or things that don’t. When visiting, it is always a good idea to go to a college info meeting, campus tour, or schedule an interview. It is also a good idea to visit during the most extreme weather to see what it would be like when living there.

Fill out your FAFSA ASAP! This is not just something you have to fill out for college apps, but can possibly help you receive more aid, depending on your financial situation. Always fill this out, as well as the CSS profile (if the college requires it). Student aid money is “first come, first serve” with the FAFSA and CSS. 

Scholarships. Scholarships are important to apply to. Some can be the equivalent of buying books for a semester. It is always nice to know that people in the community or out are willing to help you get a higher education.

And lastly, if you have any questions, consult the counselors here at THS! 

Ashley Rosilez is a senior at Templeton High School. Her hobbies include horse back riding, and staying involved with her Cerro Alto 4H group.  Her kindness, gentleness and positive attitude are going to be greatly missed next year.

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