FNL – A Place For Everyone

Friday Night Live (FNL) is a club dedicated to preventing substance abuse and promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst all teens. FNL was developed in 1984 in Sacramento, originally trying to reduce teen deaths in motor accidents and has become so successful that there are statewide offices and FNL chapters in a number of countries. 

FNL is a youth driven club that meets every Thursday in Mr. Phillips classroom and is one of the largest clubs on campus. Our chapter focuses on making sure Templeton students are making smart and healthy decisions on campus and in their personal lives. 


FNL is blessed to be guided by two amazing leaders, Kim Mott and Sabrina Degnan.  Students describe Kim as someone who is overflowing with positive energy and is one of the most caring, funny, kind and hardworking people they know.  Her experience, her wisdom and heart for Templeton and its people is readily seen in all she does.  When asked about Kim, Sabrina said, “I learn so much from Kim, she does so much and has such a great relationship with the students and faculty.  Kim is Templeton FNL’s heart and soul.”

Sabrina Degnan, our other FNL advisor is new to THS this year, but not new to the area.  If you are a sports fan you know Sabrina.  The Atascadero News recently named her Athlete of Decade for her accomplishments at Atascadero High.  She is a tremendous athlete but an even better person.  Her desire to impact others, her kindness and humility have really touched those she has worked with.  Student share that they love how “genuine and real she is.”  Kim, when asked about Sabrina said, “Sabrina is new to the county FNL program this year but has already established herself as a solid leader in the field of prevention and youth development.  She has a natural ability to engage youth, providing education and enthusiasm, to making our kinds schools and communities a healthier place.  She is definitely a huge asset to the Behavioral Health Division and the Friday Night Live programs.


THS junior Jenna Shapero says “ FNL is a very safe place for people who want to make an impact throughout their school and county.” She also mentions that if someone wants to get involved in school, FNL is a great club to join. “It is a very supporting club who doesn’t just support people in the club but everyone else too,” she said.  They  host many events at Templeton High like Mock Rock, the Awareness Gallery and the Car Show, plus many others.

The student president of FNL, Audrey Bauske says, “I love being FNL president because it gives me so many opportunities to get involved and lead an FNL chapter.” Student Ashley Hurdle says, “We are a very tight-knit family and [FNL] has had an extremely positive impact on my life.”


Mock Rock


FNL takes the lead each year in overseeing THS Mock Rock, an unforgettable family friendly mock and talent show.  Students and faculty spend weeks perfecting their acts and then take the stage before a huge cheering crowd.  Each of the last four years the show has been “standing room only” and a tradition that students and the community look forward to attending.  This year’s show is scheduled for May 1st in the Templeton Gym.  Why not in the Templeton Performing Arts Center?  There just isn’t enough room for all those who want to be on stage or in the audience.

Awareness Gallery


The Awareness Gallery aims to build awareness, educating and engaging students and adults alike to make positive and healthy choices. The interactive gallery is a progression of “scenes” of a day in the life of an AGHS student. It is a personal journey and self-reflection, awareness of self & surroundings and a challenge to youth to make positive choices. These pressures include academic and extracurricular expectations, family stress, and peer pressure. As youth are drinking earlier and earlier, it is so important that we educate our community on the dangers of binge drinking and changing the social norm to be one of choosing healthy choices over substance use.  FNL members build the gallery and are there to answer questions.



The Every 15 Minutes program is a two-day program which challenges students to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, the responsibility of making mature decisions and the impact their decisions have on family, friends, and many others.  A dramatized car crash with injuries and death and a dramatized funeral service bring the dangers of drinking and driving to life.   This event happens every 4 years so that every student at some point in their high school career will get to experience it.  It is life changing.

These are just some of the events that FNL hosts at THS but through these and through the positive example of the members of FNL lives are changed.

Looking for a club to join and want to make a difference?  FNL is just right for you.  FNL has helped impact many students’ lives and supports good mental health. Friday Night Live is a great club and environment to be in, get involved in, meet people, get help if needed, and feel like a big loving family. They are here on campus to support every single person no matter what. We love Friday Night Live. 

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