Counselors: Always Here to Help

What would THS be like without our wonderful counselors? You may not see it, but they do many things for the students of THS from behind the scenes. Just a few of the things they do during the year are creating schedules, organizing the PSAT/ PACT in the gym, assist students in Cuesta applications, guide seniors in the college CSU/UC application process, and support all students in their decisions. If you have not met with your counselor this year, come in and say “hi,” they would love to see you!

Here is a little bit about the counselors at THS, Mrs. Goetz, Mrs. Jeter, Mrs. Hoyt and Mrs. Craton. 


Mrs. Goetz has been a counselor at THS for about five years. Goetz attended Cal Poly SLO for her undergrad with a B.S. in Liberal Studies and Point Loma graduate school for her M.A. in Education and Guidance counseling. Mrs. Goetz loves “one-on-one meetings with students. Whether in October with my university-bound students, Spring for registration, and those moments [she] feel[s] the most honored when students share intimate details of their personal struggles. [Her] favorite part about being a counselor is simply being able to give information or encouragement to students in a way that makes sense and in a way that makes them feel at ease.”  One of the many things she likes to do outside of being a counselor at THS is watch a good movie on Netflix and spend time with family and friends. Some advice she would give students in the second semester is to “Start off strong so you don’t have to worry about digging yourself out of a hole. Now that you know how your teachers operate, take advantage of that so you don’t lose points for silly things.”


Mrs. Jeter attended Cal Poly and got her B.S. in Home Economics and went to University of LaVerne and received her M.A. in School Counseling. This is almost her twenty-second year here at THS. Prior that that she taught home economics, health and was the yearbook advisor. Some of her favorite things to do are spending time with her family, listening to music, going to church and attending athletic events. Mrs. Jeter’s loves being a counselor when “working with you students. Seeing you get excited about your academics, extracurricular activities and future goals, getting to know you on a more personal basis is pure joy for me. It’s also really rewarding to see struggling students who may have academic or personal issues overcome them and rise to the occasion and succeed.” Some advice that Jeter would give to students when starting second semester is to “remember that you are starting with a clean slate. You have an A at the beginning of the semester in every class. Always try to be your best self. Don’t compare yourself to others. If you always try your best, you will feel good about your outcome regardless of the result. Also communicate with each of your teachers, especially if you are struggling. They are not mind readers. They need to hear from you the good and the bad. They really want to help you.”


The newest member of the counseling team, Mrs. Craton, has previously been a high school counselor for eight years. She attended Azusa University and received a B.S. in Child and Family Psychology. In the graduate program there, she also received an Educational Counseling degree. She says that her favorite part about being a counselor at THS is “The students! They are full of energy and make my job truly enjoyable.” Outside of work she loves to travel as well as go out with friends. A piece of advice that she would like to give students going into the second semester is to “not procrastinate, don’t give up, and finish out the year strong. Most importantly, be kind.”


Mrs. Hoyt is also new to counseling at THS. Here is a little bit about her! Mrs. Hoyt attended UC Santa Cruz and majored in Psychology. Her favorite thing about THS is “that [she gets to] work so closely with students and staff at THS. [She has] felt very welcomed and [is] especially grateful for the support of the other counselors at THS (Ms. Goetz, Mrs. Craton & Mrs. Jeter).” Outside of counseling at THS, you might find her running with her dog, at the beach, hiking or backpacking with her husband. Some advice that she would give students at the start of this semester is to “start off strong academically, and don’t be afraid to come to counseling if you ever need to chat about anything. We are here for you and want to see you succeed in all walks of life!”

It is these hard working women that help make our student body the best that it can be, educationally, spiritually and mentally. Thank you for all of your help this semester!

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