THS Athletic Teams Battle It Out for the Inaugural Lebens Award

THS has always valued and stressed the importance of academics and takes great pride in the accomplishments of our scholar-athletes.  In an attempt to recognize the achievements of our teams and their players achievements athletically and in the classroom the THS Athletic Department this year will give out the inaugural Lebens Award to the THS Varsity team that has the highest unweighted team grade point average (GPA).  

In accordance with CIF rules THS Athletic Director Lindsay Franklin totals up each team’s unweighted GPA at a time period during their season as specified by CIF Central Section.  These totals will help determine this year’s inaugural award with the team and coach being honored at this year’s Evening for the Stars Ceremony in May. At the ceremony the coach of the honored team will receive a plaque, the team’s name and GPA will be added to a perpetual trophy that will be proudly displayed in the THS Administration Building and seniors who are part of that team will be awarded an academic cord to be worn during graduations ceremonies.

With two season GPA deadlines passed Boys Basketball and Girls Varsity Cross Country are in a dead tie with unweighted GPAs.

  • 3.72 – Boys Basketball
  • 3.72 – Girls Varsity Cross Country
  • 3.71 – Girls Varsity Soccer
  • 3.63 – Girls Varsity Basketball
  • 3.60 – Girls Varsity Tennis
  • 3.53 – Boys Varsity Cross Country
  • 3.44 – Varsity Cheer
  • 3.40 – Girls Varsity Volleyball
  • 3.26 – Boys Varsity Soccer
  • 3.25 – Rodeo
  • 3.20 – Varsity Football

In the case of a tie weighted GPAs will be used to determine the overall winning team.  During the spring the GPAs of our swim, track and field, baseball, softball, boys tennis, boys volleyball and golf teams will be added to the list.

 The award has been named after the Mick Lebens family, a well known name in THS Athletics.  Dr. Mick Lebens gives countless hours to our athletic department and our athletes. Ryan Lebens (Class of 2018) was a three year varsity baseball player and a three year varsity soccer player who graduated with a 4.46 GPA and was named the 2018 Scholar-Athlete of the Year.   Nathan Lebens (Class of 2019) was a three year varsity soccer player and a varsity swimmer with a 4.54 GPA, was named “Math Student of the Year” and the 2019 Salutatorian. Jessa Lebens (Class of 2018) was also a THS varsity soccer player and swimmer and graduated with a 4.22 GPA and honored as an outstanding STEM student 2018.  Great examples of scholar-athletes in the classroom and on the field.

When told the award was named in their honor Mick Leben shared that the award being named in the Leben’s family name is “very humbling and undeserved but what the award stands for is at the heart of what high school sports is all about.  A big thank you to our Eagle family for this honor.”

Congratulations to all of our teams for their performance on the field as well as in the classroom.  You continue to make us proud.

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