Academic Students of the Month

Each month each teacher at THS gets the opportunity to nominate a student who they believe has made a positive impact in their classroom the previous month.  Each of the 35+ students nominated is worthy of an award but this month’s four winners were (L to R) Michael Gilliss, Eliana Cunningham, Will Costick, and Sara Munoz.  Our winners enjoyed a lunch out courtesy of McPhee’s Grill in Templeton.

Michael Gilliss (nominated by Mrs. Miranda) – Michael is one of those people who knows what he needs to do to be a success.  Mrs. Miranda nominated Michael and shared, “Recently Michael came in to get some extra help and then he got 100% on his quiz.  He does what he is supposed to do and does what he needs to do to be a success.” He is such a great example to others.

Eliana Cunningham (nominated by Mr. James) – Eliana is freshmen this year and is already standing out on our campus.  Mr. James nominated her and said about Eliana, “She is an amazing young lady. One of the things that I really appreciate about her is her ability to carry on a meaningful and deep conversation.  It’s that kind of depth which really makes her stand out.

Will Costick (nominated by Mrs. Cherry) – Will is one of those guys who really leaves an impression.  He was part of this year’s THS Varsity Basketball team as well as a member of Link Crew. But not everybody knows what a hard worker he is in the classroom.  Mrs. Cherry nominated him for student of the month and shared that “Will really cares about what he is doing and wants to do well. He is a good example of what can come through hard work.” 

Sara Munoz (nominated by Mr. Lewis) – Sara is the drum major this year and did such an amazing job leading the band.  Many saw her leadership on Friday night’s during halftime of the football games. But that is just one side of Sara.  Mr. Lewis who nominated Sara said, “there are so many words that come to mind when I think of Sara. She is happy, energetic, she is a great student, and a leader on campus.  Everything is better when she is in it.”

Congratulations Michael, Eliana, Will, and Sara, you are so deserving of this honor.  Thanks for all you do make Templeton High such an amazing place to be.

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