Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle: Jared Money

Jared Money (THS 2018) is a sophomore at Elmira College in New York. For anyone who doesn’t know, Elmira College is located in upstate New York and it is a division 3 private school. It has about 1300 students this year. Jared went there last year and played baseball with them also. In April he won Rookie of the Week and this year he will hopefully get some starting time.

NFTN:  Tell us a little about your role on your team this year? (position and how much you expect to be playing this year.)

JM: The team should be good this year. I will be entering as a sophomore season and I am very excited. I’ll be splitting time at second base with my good friend Mark Ryan. 


NFTN: Share with us an experience that you have had at college that gives a little look behind the scenes of what it is like to play for your school?

JM: Outside of baseball my friend and I, Jordan Plaisted, are on the Elmira ESports team competing against a lot of teams on the East Coast. We had a competition on the 13th and I got shouted out on the Elmira ESports Instagram page. Other than that we really don’t have a lot of time outside of school and baseball because when I have free time I am normally studying in the library or hanging out with my friends.


NFTN: Going from baseball at Templeton to a collegiate program has had to be a big adjustment.  Tell us what that was like. 

JM: The adjustment from High school to college was not too difficult. Just college baseball is a little less forgiving than high school.

NFTN: As your season is quickly approaching describe for us what a normal day for you is like? (Academic workload, studying, practices/workout time etc.)

JM: My day starts off at the 6:30am lift they have for the baseball team.  I then get breakfast before my class at 9:10. At 10:10 I get out of class and head to my next class at 10:20. After that class I go to get lunch at 11:20. I have my last class from 1:15 to 2:15. Then, I grab a snack at the cafeteria before practice at 3:30. After practice at 6:30 I get dinner, do some homework and go to bed. On days I only have one class I still have the 6:30 lift then my 8:15 class to 9:15. After that I go grab some food and do some homework before practice from 3:30 to 6:30. After that I get dinner, do some homework and go to sleep.


NFTN: What are some goals you have set for yourself for the upcoming season?

JM:Some goals I have for this season is to play into my role as best as possible. Whether it’s cheering on my teammates from the dugout or producing runs in the field. Another goal I have set for myself is to become an everyday starter on the baseball team. It may not happen right away because I am only a sophomore, but I am always willing to try.

NFTN: Outside of baseball and athletics what have been the biggest life changes you have had to make and what have you learned about yourself?

JM: Outside of baseball and athletics the biggest life changes I have had to make is holding myself accountable. 

NFTN: What is something you have experienced that you didn’t expect?

JM: One thing that I didn’t expect was how much the professors cancel class. In Elmira you can expect it to snow a lot and some of the professors live off campus, so they really don’t feel like making the trip half the time.

NFTN: What advice would you give to high school athletes? 

JM: One piece of advice I would give to high schoolers is to learn how to effectively study. I was one of those kids who didn’t need to study in high school and still got good grades, so when I went into college I didn’t know how to study very well and didn’t get very good grades. Learning how to study is a great skill to have in college.

NFTN:  Last question, what is a favorite memory you have from your time at THS?

JM: My favorite memory from THS would be playing baseball with my friends that I have known forever and the feeling of just being out on the field with them. For example Justice Gibbons. I have been playing baseball with him since we were both eight and we have always been middle infield together so getting to play with him during high school was amazing.

Good luck Jared and we all hope you do well in the future.

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