THS Boys Basketball Receives CIF Academic Honors

Each season the CIF asks high school athletic directors to share the unweighted grade point averages (GPA) of each of its teams that are in season.  Teams that have a team average of 3.0 or better are considered award winners.  Fifty-one boys basketball programs in the Central Section met that standard.  But at the top of the list we found two local teams tied with the title “Winter Season Academic Champions”.  Congratulations to the boys’ basketball teams from Templeton High School and Mission Prep High School  who each had an unweighted GPA of 3.72.  Other local schools mentioned were St. Joseph (3.51), and Atascadero (3.25).

Coach Andrew Cherry said, “I am so proud of the success of our basketball team and their accomplishments both on and off the court. This is a group of players who are not only dedicated to their team, but dedicated to their education as well. They are great role models for younger kids in the THS basketball system.”

THS Principal Josh Aston shared, “It truly is an honor for our young men to be recognized for their accomplishments as student-athletes. Our basketball team has shown that they are committed to greatness in all aspects of their life. They have a very bright future and we look forward to seeing what avenues life takes them.”

Aaron Asplund, Interim Superintendent said, “recognition such as this rightfully emphasizes the “athlete” in “student-athlete.”  Balancing the demands of school with putting in countless hours to be competitive on the court shows a commitment to excellence in the lives of these young men.  And the fact that this is a celebration of a whole team’s collective commitment to academic success makes it all the more special.  so proud of our Eagles!”

Congratulations guys, on the court and off we are proud of you.

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