TES Celebrates Read Across America

Millions of students across the United States celebrate Read Across America this week and many adults took time out of their schedules to be part of this annual event by visiting classrooms and reading some of their favorite children’s books.

Read Across America Day, also known as Dr Seuss Day, is a yearly observance in the USA inaugurated by the NEA (National Education Association). It is held on a day early in March, coinciding with Dr Seuss birthday. Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American artist, book publisher, animator, poet, a political cartoonist as well as an author. He is best known for authoring over 60 children’s books.

Today our students at Templeton Elementary as well as schools across the county, state and nation took part in this event.  The students love having guests visit and adults look forward to the opportunity to join them reading some of their favorite books from their childhood.

Templeton Elementary Principal Renee Argain shared the importance of reading and having adults on campus today.  “Reading is the gateway to so many things.  It challenges us, makes us laugh, makes us cry, opens our minds and takes to places we can only dream of going.  Having special guests on campus today reading to our students reminds them of the importance of reading and sets a powerful example.”


Supervisor John Peschong, shown above, was one of the guest readers today.  He read one of his favorite children’s books, Piggie Pie by Margie Palantini.  He said at events like these he always this book.  And while he says he “wasn’t always a reader” growing up he has grown in his enjoyment of reading over the years and has participated in Read Across America county wide for at least the last four years.


Templeton Recreation Supervisor Melissa Johnson, shown above,  participated for the first time this year.  She said, “I’ve never had the opportunity to participate in Read Across America, but was very excited to be included this year. I was lucky to get to go to Mrs. Wesner’s 1st grade class where my youngest nephew is this year. I picked the book, Donna O’Neeshuck Gets Chased by Some Cows, a very fun book that the oldest nephews, now in high school and college, loved when they were little. It was important to me to pick a book that was fun and silly, but also that represented some of the positive ideals we all learned from Dr. Seuss books. Plus it’s a rhyming book, a great homage!  I can’t wait to do this again, I had so much fun. The kids were delightful, most of them were already friends who play sports with us.”


Andy Burnett, TMS Principal, joined in as well with one of his favorite books, “Mick the Mammoth”.  He shared that he chose the book because the main character is one who faces adversity and has to find ways to overcome the challenges he faces.”  Burnett also stressed the importance of giving of our time especially in helping young people. “I want to set a positive example when it comes to giving back and helping others,” he said.


The THS Link Crew, shown above, also visited several different classes and read a variety of books to TES students.  One of the TES teachers commented that they remembered having several of these THS upperclassmen when they were at TES and “now to see them all grown up really touched my heart.”

Thank you to everyone who made “Read Across America” a success.

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