Athletic Interview of the Week: Lance Dunn

Templeton High has a lot of great athletes and each one of them has their own story.  Each week we will be introducing you to a different Eagle athlete. Our hope is that you will get to know our players, their sport, their goals and that you will be encouraged to come out and support our teams.  Go Eagles.

This week we interviewed Lance Dunn who is apart of the THS tennis team 

News From The Nest (NFTN): How long have you played your sport?

Lance Dunn(LD): played when I was around eight for about three or four years. Then I switched to basketball. I switched back and started playing tennis again about two years ago (freshman year). 

NFTN: Whats a goal you have for yourself this year? 

LD: My goal for myself this year is to win league for singles and make it to CIF. 

NFTN: Whats a goal you have for your team?

LD: I would love our team to win league but mostly for everyone to have fun and get better at working together.

NFTN: Whats something that you think will help your team this season ?

LD: I think having such a close team that can joke together will help us build bonds and come together to win.

NFTN: What are you looking forward to this season? 

LD: I’m looking forward to getting closer to the freshmen and helping them get better. I’m also looking forward to the van rides on away games because we mess around a lot.

NFTN: Describe a normal practice for our high school tennis team 

LD: Practices usually go like this: First we run two-three laps, then we do footwork drills. Next I lead stretches and the coach goes over anything she has to talk about. After that we start drills or play out points against each other. I either help with the drills or participate in them. For about the last 10-15 min we play a game for fun to recover. 

NFTN: Describe your favorite memory with your team. 

LD: My favorite memory with the team so far has been the first van ride to Nipomo and listening to Rushi Patel’s AMAZING music. 

NFTN: Whats your favorite part of your sport?

LD: My favorite thing about singles in tennis is being able to rely on yourself and challenge yourself. The best thing about playing doubles is working well with my partner and getting hyped up. 

Thanks Lance for your time  we look forward to seeing you on the court again.

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