THS Enters the World of Podcasting

There are over 1 million podcasts in the world as of 2020 and here at Templeton High School we just couldn’t wait to start one of our own. This year the THS Social Media class is excited to introduce to you our new podcast, “Voices from the Nest”. The podcast premiered August 25th 2020, as our hosts THS seniors Emma Lawrence and Jordyn Galles reflected back on the first week of “distance learning” and interviewed THS Principal Josh Aston. The production received good feedback and was listed to by a broad audience covering 11 states and one foreign country. Listen to Episode 1 – “Back to School”.

“Since it is such a difficult time, we wanted to create a platform that would bring the Templeton community together and spread information in a positive way”.  – Emma and Jordyn

Episode two premiers today and is focused on something that is near and dear to the students and community of Templeton, sports. With the high school going into “shut down” mode back in March many of last year’s seniors lost their opportunity to represent the Eagles on the field, court and track. And with most California schools begin the year with students away from campus their are many wondering about this year’s athletic program. Wonder no more. Emma and Jordyn interview several of our THS athletes as well as our new Athletic Director, Joe Farley, to get some insight as to what is in store for athletics this year. Listen to “The Scoop on Sports” now to hear what Coach Farley had to say about a return for THS sports, possible changes for those wanting to watch games in person and to hear from some of our athletes.

Emma and Jordyn

Emma moved to Templeton her freshman year from Phoenix, Arizona. As a senior now she is looking forward to college where she hopes to major in nursing or nutrition. Emma is an athlete and is part of THS Tennis and Swim. Outside of school she enjoys working out in her free time, as well as podcasting.

Jordyn I’ve grew up in Templeton and moved to the school district in eighth grade. She is also a senior and will be spending the first semester next year in Spain and the second semester in the South Pacific. After that she will be enrolling in a university. I enjoy activities such as surfing and hiking, anything that keeps me active, as well as podcasting. 

Emma and Jordyn “are like sisters”, they shared that “we met in our freshman year of high school and have been friends ever since! We are more like sisters than friends at this point, since we are together everyday.”

They shared that they had other thoughts about an elective to take this year but “when Mr. Mac asked us to join the Social Media class to do a podcast we jumped at the opportunity”.

The two girls are excited to spend time on the podcast and expand our social media platforms by keeping you, your family, and your friends updated on what’s going on during our distance learning experience, “Since it is such a difficult time, we wanted to create a platform that would bring the Templeton community together and spread information in a positive way”. 

Emma Lawrence and Jordyn Galles

“Despite the craziness that is happening right now we hope to give you some sense of normalcy as we begin to update you on our sports, the drama department, learning experiences, and what life is like for our students during this time.”

Future episode will focus our new staff, discuss college, the upcoming local elections, and how the THS staff is working to bring meaningful and challenging lessons to our students through the “distance learning” format.

Voices from the Nest will feature a new show every other Friday and can be heard on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

After hitting 150 downloads on their first podcast, Emma and Jordyn are hoping to get 200 downloads on the next. Stay tuned for the new podcast. Don’t forget to follow the Voices From the Nest Instagram and stay involved with all our school platforms. Go Eagles!

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