THS Sports Make the Comeback

After lots of anticipation, sports at THS have finally started! Cheer, football, volleyball, and cross country have all been given the ability to start their conditioning programs for this season and our athletes are super excited to be starting off the season. The athletes we interviewed shared a variety of thoughts about what it means to be a THS athlete, how they have spent their time preparing on their own for the season and what the emotions they anticipate feeling as they put on their jerseys for the first time. 


Our girl volleyball players are more than excited to get back on the court for the season. They have been staying in shape by exercising, recovering from past injuries, playing volleyball on their own, and overall just staying fit through the whole quarantine. The girls are excited to work as a team again, grow closer to each other, and have a great season. “I have learned how much being a part of a team and working towards a goal with people makes me happy” Says Abbey Brady, Setter, about what she had learned during quarantine. We can’t wait to see what great things they do. 

Lindsay English, outside hitter,  says “ I am going to enjoy every single little bit of it. It’s my senior year, I’m going to feel so lucky to get to play one last year with all the girls I have grown up with playing volleyball. “ 


Our football boys are fired up at the opportunity to play this season. “ I’m going to be nervous but excited at the same time, “ says Dominick Mackle, an offensive and defensive line man and a senior at THS. The boys have been staying in shape by working out, running suicides, lifting weights, and doing running training. They have been working extremely hard and are hyped to be putting all of their hard work into practice. They are here for the win and we can’t wait to see what amazing things they accomplish this season. 

Joshua Berna, running back, “The adrenaline will probably make me numb, aside from the tingle in my fingers. Nothing in the world could matter more than the game.”

“The adrenaline will probably make me numb, aside from the tingle in my fingers. Nothing in the world could matter more than the game.”

Josh Berna, THS Football


The girls on the THS cheer team are honored to be able to represent our school this season and are looking forward to bonding as a team and finally be able to get back into a routine as well as going into the season with a positive attitude. Some mentioned how much they have missed the cheer family. The absence of those Friday night lights has been hard on them but they are grateful for the opportunity to be able to do that again and make amazing memories with their teammates. Sophomore Chandly Wern, flyer and tumbler, shared that time away has really impressed upon her how important the Cheer team is to her. “I have learned that having a team there for you is so important and being alone and away from my team these past few months has just proved to me how much of an impact they make in my life,” she said.

“You don’t just have teammates, you have a family.”

Riley Mann, THS Senior

Conditioning and staying active has helped the cheer team  prepare for the upcoming season. The girls are motivated and ready to take on the season. 

“ I will feel pure joy, ready to cheer on our boys with so much excitement!” says Sarah Barr, stunting backspot, about how she will feel at the first game.  Tori Trujillo, flyer,  said that as she anticipates the first time she runs on the field, “I think that I will be overwhelmed with nervousness and excitement all at the same time.” For seniors like Riley Mann being a THS student athlete holds special significance. “It means teamwork and hard work. You don’t just have teammates, you have a family. Templeton athletes have the best team spirit I’ve ever seen and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Cross country

Just like all of the other sports, the cross country kids are eager to get back to running with their teammates and putting all of their quarantine training into play. Though the future of the season is yet to unfold, our cross country team is hoping to be able to attend some meets this season and beat their personal bests, as well as grow in their running. Throughout quarantine the runners have been able to get outside and maintain some physical activity, but actually being back with the team is giving them all a sense of routine in their life. We asked one of our runners what being a THS athlete meant to them and this is what Ava Lawrence responded with

“It means having balance, prioritizing the things that matter, but most importantly being responsible for yourself. It’s definitely a sacrifice though. Not getting to stay out late Friday night because you have a cross country meet early on Saturday, or even just not being able to see friends on the weekend because you’re gone all day Saturday at a meet and you need Sunday to get all your work done before the school week. It’s challenging at times but it’s so rewarding at the same time. “

Stay tuned for more about what is going on off and on the field here at THS. Go Eagles!

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