Introducing Our New Teachers

This year THS is excited to announce we have three amazing new teachers! Mrs. Walker will be joining our Spanish Department, Ms. Hughes will be teaching 9th grade English, and Mr. Prodoehl will be our new Biology and Physical Science teacher. We are confident that these new teachers will be an excellent addition to our amazing staff!

Mrs. Walker

Mrs. Walker is a “long time Central Coast resident” as she grew up in Paso Robles and graduated from SLO High. She went to college at UCSB but studied abroad at the Universidad de Granada and “graduated with two degrees in Spanish and English” and she earned her Masters in Education from Pepperdine University. She started teaching in Los Angeles but when her son was born, her and her family moved back to the Central Coast to be near her family. Once they moved up here she took the role as Principal Teacher at Monart School of the arts. She then taught Spanish 1, 2, and 3 at Mission Preparatory High School. Outside of teaching she enjoys “kayaking in the ocean and all outside activities including running, hiking, biking and beach volleyball” as well as “dance, music and visual arts.”

“I am so excited to be in High School again and teaching Spanish”

-Mrs. Paula Walker
Ms. Hughes

Ms. Hughes, while a California native, is from Pleasanton, a small town in the Bay Area. After graduating from high school she took a gap year and became a “backpacking instructor all the way out in the Texas Hill Country” and enjoyed many incredible experiences like “visiting places like the Guadalupe Mountains and kayaking down the Rio Grande.” She earned her undergraduate degree in English from Cal Poly and entered their credential program after getting her B.A. in English. She was even a student teacher under Mrs. Zak, an English teacher at Templeton Middle School, so she is already familiar with the district! In her free time she enjoys “travelling, dance, writing, and rock climbing.”

“I’m looking forward to the year ahead and so excited to work with you all”

-Ms. Rachel Hughes
Mr. Prodoehl

Mr. Prodoehl grew up on Kauai, Hawaii as well as in Ventura, California, but was teaching Biology and Sports Medicine in the Bay Area for 12 years before moving here this July. He graduated from Cal Poly and even played golf for the Mustangs. Before becoming a teacher Mr. Prodoehl was a paramedic in the San Diego Fire Department, but had to make a career switch because of an injury. When considering what to do next he says he “liked working with teenagers and helping them accomplish their goals” so he made the decision to go back to school and earn his teaching degree. 

Mr. Prodoehl, like many of our teachers, misses being able to interact with students in person and get to know them but one positive thing he has accomplished during distance learning is he has adjusted to becoming a paperless classroom. This is an especially important achievement for him because, “as a biology teacher that teaches about human impacts on earth it is nice not seeing a lot of the waste that typically occurs.” Whenever he gets the chance you will find him “fishing on the local lake, hacking it around the golf course, or barbecuing and homebrewing.”

“My favorite thing in any teaching position no matter what school it is at are the students and interacting with them”

-Mr. Danny Prodoehl

Even with the challenges of distance learning, we know that these amazing new teachers are going to make their own impact on our campus, and we couldn’t be more excited! Make sure to give them a warm welcome when you get the chance! Go Eagles! 

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