Esports and Checkmates Club

Looking for new clubs to join this year as THS gets back into the swing of things? If you like playing video games, board games, or just hanging out be sure to learn more about ‘Esports’  and ‘Checkmates’ club.  Both clubs are open to all and would love to see you at their meetings. 


There are no requirements to join Esports, all you need is to be a student at Templeton High School! They meet every Thursday at lunch over discord or zoom, times are posted on the Templeton High website. During the meeting, the Esports club discusses upcoming tournaments, future plans for the club, and, of course, they play video games. The club has recently ended a tournament hosted by them and are planning on hosting a new tournament almost every month for the year. Thankfully, Covid-19 hasn’t affected the club too much since the gamers are on a computer anyway. Just a few limits to the LAN (local area network) tournament. 

Jack Sherrok, president of the Esports club, produces all of the social media content as well as the creative editing. Be sure to check out their youtube, instagram, and club videos (which are linked). If you are interested, join the google classroom found at the Templeton High school page. 


Just like Esports, there are absolutely no requirements for the Checkmates club. The meetings are Tuesday’s at lunch (times can be found on the same link as Esports). They meet through either zoom or discord and play online chess with a partner. Due to Covid-19, the club has been forced to play online at This is either an app you can download on the phone or a website you can access on the web. 

“To explain, half our people meet on discord because they prefer to meet and talk through there, but people who don’t use discord meet on the zoom meeting and either go to breakout rooms or just play in the lobby. Also you can bring your own partner or I can try to match you up with someone in the meeting to play.”

Merek Hall, club president

There are no skill requirements for the club, chess is an easy game to learn and they have people that are willing to teach you how to play. Make sure that you check out the checkmates club and join the google classroom if you are interested.  

If either of these clubs sound fun or interesting to you, we encourage you to check them out. As always make sure to follow the Templeton High School instagram page to keep up with what is going on, on campus. Go Eagles!

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