THS Drama’s Pride and Prejudice is Ready for Release

The THS Drama Department has just finished filming their rendition of the classic, Pride and Prejudice. It will begin streaming on Nov. 12 at 7pm. It runs Nov. 12, 13, 14 and Nov. 20, 21. You can buy your tickets at $15 for a single and $45 for a family.


The cast was able to get back on campus to rehearse in person as well as film the show in recent weeks. Director Catherine Kingsbury says that in-person rehearsals have been going great, even with social distancing, masks and the outdoor setup. In her words they are “really back to the basic bones of theatre: actors, costumes and a few props.” Even without the special effects and more detailed elements Ms. Kingsbury is very proud of the wonderful show her students have put on. The process of preparing the show was also rather expedited, with the cast having only about half the time to put the show together from start to finish. Ms. Kingsbury credits the performers for adapting so well.

“It’s been a quick study for the actors. I give them so much credit for sticking with this process”

-Ms. Kingsbury

The cast was also very eager to return to campus for rehearsals and are very pleased with how well they went. Avery Jones, who plays Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bennett believes that, “everyone is doing an amazing job with their lines and blocking” even with safety precautions in place. Clayton Wicka, who has been casted as Mr. Darcy agrees and says, “we have been able to efficiently generate an entertaining show.” The cast does say that being back in person after being online for so long has been a bit weird, but has made the finer details of the play run much smoother. The cast has been able to rise above the added challenges during the rehearsal period to put on what we are sure will be an amazing show.

Katelann Harms, Avery Jones, Tess Ryujin and Elyse Black rehearse their scene

The Show

The cast is extremely excited to put the show on but are excited for different scenes respectively. Avery Jones is particularly excited for the rejected proposal scene because it “has a lot of emotion.” She and Clayton are also both excited for the ballroom scenes. Clayton especially because he gets “to be particularly disagreeable.” Unlike the leads, Ms. Kingsbury is most excited about “the humor in this version,” while there is still a substantial focus on the romance, the fast-paced nature of this rendition has given the actors a chance to portray some of the more flawed and human characteristics of the classic characters.

THS Drama at their final rehearsal

“The ballroom scenes were a lot of fun to film and the proposal scene has a lot of emotion in it so I think it will be interesting to see how it translates over film”

-Avery Jones


The release process for this show has obviously been very different then how THS has done it in the past. Rather than watching live, this year the performance was pre-recorded and will be released via streaming. The filming process has largely affected the cast and crew in more ways than originally accounted for. For example, no detail goes unnoticed to a camera as it would with a live audience, forcing the crew to have to be extremely diligent of “small costume defects, or smudges and cracks in furniture.” Also, the show is being done outside to account for coronavirus precautions, and since the sun sets much earlier as winter sets in, it has made the filming window even shorter. To adjust to this added challenge the cast “came in before school a couple of days to film because the light is really beautiful in the morning” according to Ms. Kingsbury. 

“I think that it is a give-take scenario. While it is disappointing that we will not get to feed off of a live audience’s energy and meet them afterwards, it is nice that we can kind of take our time in filming”

-Clayton Wicka

The performers have also had to adjust to not performing live, which is crucial to keep up the actors/actresses stamina and mood throughout, but our cast at THS has done an amazing job at staying positive with the new circumstances. Clayton believes that this is a give and take scenario because the performers are obviously disappointed that they will not get to perform live, but also, “if there are any huge blunders, we can just film a scene again” plus the show will be able to reach a larger audience. Now, wherever you are you can watch their show solely by clicking this link and buying your online tickets for when the show streams.

Katelann Harms, Stella lutz, Brady Brewer, Tess Ryujin, and Clayton Wicka

Auditions for the spring musical, Young Frankenstein are coming up soon if you’re interested. Go Eagles!

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