Making a Difference on our Campus

The Beatles say they get by with a little help from their friends, well so do our THS students. We have an amazing support system from our generous parents called Culture Initiative (CI). CI  provides finances for opportunities that will improve the culture and climate on our campus. Those opportunities including, guest speakers, resources, and other tangible items to help students, clubs, and our staff members.  As a group CI meets once a month on campus and divides up assignments and works on them in smaller groups or as individuals. Much of what they do is goes on behind the scenes, but our campus would definitely not be the same without them. 

“CI has been such a blessing to our campus and to me as the ASB Director.  Their willingness to work as a group to brainstorm and help raise funds brings opportunities that our students would otherwise miss out on.” -Mr. Mac, ASB director

CI helps facilitate the “Me to We” concept that is cultivated on campus on a daily basis. Much of what they help to fund are activities that are directed by Link Crew, ASB, or the Wingmen. 

Someone said CI is kind of like the wind.  You can’t really see them but their effect is hard to miss.  Here is just a brief list of some of the things they have done over the last several years:

IMG_1020 (1)

  • “Templeton “T” Flags” that are flown proudly down Main Street announcing important events on the THS campus and that the Wingmen use to the make the flag tunnel that our football team runs through at home games.
  • “Fotinakes Award” trophy for the teacher selected by the senior class who most symbolizes all that former principal Jim Fotinakes embodied which is awarded each year at Evening for the Stars.


  • Cross Country runners that were portrayed in the movie McFarland USA were brought in by CI to speak to our freshmen about facing challenges.
  • A defibrillator for medical emergencies that can happen on campus.


  • Freshmen of the Month program that surprises several freshmen every month with a surprise breakfast delivered in the middle of their first period class with some kind words from their Link Leaders.
  • Incentives and rewards to be used for motivational purposes at games or for academic success.

IMG_1450 2 (2)

  • “Staff Member of the Month” gifts that are given to a staff member chosen each month by our students.  These gifts are accompanied with a video created by the students highlight why the staff member is such a blessing to our campus.
  • “Freshman Orientation” pizza lunch served and paid for by CI for our entire freshman class.
  • Support of drug prevention and parent outreach programs.


  • BBQ lunch for our 8th graders as they visit THS during the second semester.
  • The purchase of a sound system to be used by the ASB and Link Crew for lunchtime activities.

Money to sponsor and support these programs is comes through donations from parents, families and community members.

CI was created in 2013 by Becky Gray and Sabrina Kruse because they felt that campus life needed a boost of positivity and were able to help bring Mr. Mac to campus as the ASB Director and Link Crew Advisor to help make it happen. 

 “It brings me a lot of joy being part of the CI board. From helping feed freshman their lunch at orientation, watching kids run the flags up and down the stadium steps after a touchdown, or watching the videos of the Students and Staff Members of the Month and  knowing CI is a part of all of it is a very rewarding feeling” – Amy Lewis, CI Board President.

A big thank you to all of the CI Board Members which includes Debbie Asplund, Josh Aston, Angela English, Lindsay Franklin, Mindy Hamers, Kelly Hanchett, Amy Lewis, Matt Macfarlane, Marci Miller, Amanda Moore, Nancy Needham, Laura Orradre, Callie Palm, Anna Peschong, MaryAnn Ralston and Mike Brady.

If you have questions about CI please email them at  You can learn more about CI by visiting their webpage.  You can also help financially by mailing a check to:  THS CI,  PO Box 904, Templeton CA, 93465 or visit their Pay Pal Account.

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