Spring Preview: Golf

Here at THS, Spring showcases many sports. Golf is a fun, competitive sport that many students look forward to playing each season. News from the Nest talked with golf head coach David Finley and assistant coach France Raine, about their goals, new players and expectations for the season. 


News From the Nest (NFTN): What are your thoughts on this year’s team?

David Finley (DF): Expectations are high this year. The team qualified for the CIF-SS playoffs last season. Almost everyone from last year’s team has returned. Most athletes have worked on their individual games over the summer and have improved skill levels. The athletes have expressed a desire to do better than last season

France Raine (FR): I believe we have a good looking team this year where I can see us being successful during the season. With lots of returning players from last year, we can build off the success from last year.


Charlie Raine (THS 2019)

NFTN: Who did we lose to graduation last season?

DF: Charlie Raine was a top golfer last season. Charlie was able to earn an Ocean League title and lead his team to the CIF-SS playoffs.

NFTN: What is different about this year’s season compared to the last?

DF: Templeton has six new players that like to compete and challenge each other to get better. High school golf is an individual game but also a tea sport. 

FR: Morro Bay is no longer in a league and the league champ graduated. However, he inspired the  team to continue the ever growing success of our Templeton Golf program. 

NFTN: What athletes do you think will stand out this season?

DF: We are fortunate to have several athletes that can be standouts on a team and within the league. We held a competition to determine the top six players. Max Duenow and Gavin Barnes were separated by three points for positions 1 & 2. Next week Nathan Jermin and Steven Giordano have to compete in a playoff for position number three. In addition, Trevor Domingos and Alic Aurignac have to compete for position number five. The remaining will play to stay on top of their game all season. 


FR: It is hard to pick a few but I can see Max Duenow and Gavin Barnes taking the reins this year with their competitive attitude and strive for the competition, and leadership qualities. 

NFTN: What are you looking forward to this season? Do you have any expectations for the team?

DF: All of the coaches are expecting the team to reach their full potential of becoming league champions. More than that, we are looking to see a athletes grow as men and be positive examples in their schools and communities. 

FR: I am looking forward to seeing how each player has progressed from last season to now. I cannot wait to see how the players play in practice and at meets.


NFTN: Who is the biggest competition this year?

DF: The Ocean League has changed with the exit of Morro Bay to the Mountain League. Templeton has never faced Mission Prep in golf action. As a team we will never overlook and think that a team is easy to beat. We play each team twice in a week and look forward to the challenge of playing the best golf each time we meet. 

FR: At the moment we are not sure who will be the biggest competition. Every team is a new challenge and in golf, one would say it is a mental game where staying focused is key. With new players coming and going, teams can change greatly.

THS Golf Roster

  • Alic Aurignac
  • Gavin Barnes
  • Reilly Bernal 
  • Erik Brownell
  • Chris Coles
  • Ryan Cramer
  • Trevor Domingos
  • Max Duenow
  • Michael Gillis
  • Steve Giordano
  • Kai Heiser
  • Nathan Jermin
  • Jake Stelze

2020 Golf Schedule

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